2011 – Game #7 WCQF: Chicago Blackhawks Vs Vancouver Canucks. 4/26/2011. (HD)

NHL Online video Rating: five / five

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  1. This was Vancouver’s Stanley Cup.

  2. Just when I thought I had forgotten about this you upload it. This still
    hurts even three years on. Nothing has even made my heart sink as much as
    it did that year. It was a hell of a comeback we made with a stripped down
    roster ! Appreciate you uploads to keep us going throughout the off-season 

  3. When I think of the Canucks I think of teams like the Knicks, Cowboys, Cubs
    – laughing stocks of their sport

  4. You got the date wrong, it’s 5/26 not 4

  5. best game ive ever watched, in any sport. the first time ive paced back and
    foruth, and by the end of overtime my nails were bleeding

  6. Christopher Johnson

    The thumbnail is right after the Burrows OT goal went in!

  7. FamousGoalHorns


  8. Just blame your cup loss on Rome if he had never hit Horton than you would
    have never poked the bear

  9. this is when luongo was in his prime