2012 NHL Draft. #1 Pick Overall. Nail Yakupov. Edmonton Oilers

NHL Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. you need to be kinder brother. peace be with you and I agree Yakupov is a beauty

  2. TeamEpicness98

    and they got shults. lol stacked with young talent

  3. Antwone Jackson

    wut? were gunn have too now with that shitty contract he has now

  4. steve, tell me how do you fell about this pick , … I nailed it



  6. agonizedfever

    @pitchingwedge1 some dumbass from YouTube just called the #1 pick a soft little boy

  7. pitchingwedge1

    A maple pecan danish!!! what a soft little boy. He will fit right in to a city full of loosers.

  8. agonizedfever

    @VenomFan1989 Yeah did ovi and kovy go back to Russia after their entry deal? Nope? You fail.

  9. Yeah, & you’re a child of a bitch.

  10. Yakupov will go back to russia once his entry level deal is done lol.

  11. You sir, are a child of god

  12. agonizedfever

    pecan danish’s new spokes person Nail Yakupov haha

  13. agonizedfever

    Haha the oilers saved yaks from Columbus, he would be a unknown

  14. Strategicxluck

    That bitch is not hot. lol Her head is shaped funny.

  15. agonizedfever

    Yaks is too too too good to pass up, nobody is like him future legend most likely if he’s half as good as ovi ,or kovy .he brings more excitement than Murray would’ve brang, even though he’d meet the needs of now ,we’re not missing out on the best defenseman of all time, there always the future. The Schultz signing solves the defense void.

  16. canucksofvancouver

    No one gives a fuck. We’ll say it however we want. If you’re that concerned about how they say his name, I suggest you not watch any of the Oilers games this season.

  17. So will they keep calling him nail instead of nah-EEL ? You’d think at least in Canada they are so obsessed with all the little details about hockey so you’d think someone would point it out to them how to pronounce his name properly? Or they do know just don;t give a shit? Or is it too difficult for an English speaker to say nah-EEL?

  18. i feel bad for anyone drafted by the oilers

  19. bromandudeguyman

    And…. We win!!!

  20. No need to piss a fit little jit… Somebody had a bad day. Probably got bullied at school. Tarasenko is built like a man, and skates like a man & he can also be a mean SOB. He can play a checking role and also a scoring role, which gives him a good chance to be more successful at the NHL level. Yakupov is a dynamic scorer, and can’t match Tank’s defensive ability.

  21. Classy people booing when this kid has the best moment in his life. Well I guess those that did that sat with a large chocolateshake in one hand and a burger in the other. Or, they came from Bell Center.

  22. Did you in any way bring up his balance in your initial comment? No. You brought up his ‘small stature’. Fuck man, seriously. Go to school. Learn how to read. Stop being a complete waste of a human, you inbred retard.


  23. Chargersman77

    Damn, she’s changed so much since I played CYA with him..

  24. radiojunkie12

    That’s Alex Galchenyuk’s sister