Chicago Blackhawks Vs St. Louis Blues. Game #5 WCQF. April 25th 2014

NHL Online video Rating: five / five

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  1. Come on Blues, I want you guys to win in 7, I don’t mind the Hawks, just
    some of the Hawk’s fans are so hateful.


    love all of the cbc feed !! considering its there last year for hockey
    thanks i love this channel !!

  3. PhillyBoyJayCooKiNGShow

    Felt like the Hawks were playing at home

  4. Wow it even went in overtime

  5. BLACKHAWK HAWK-EY at its finest. Westside hockey club strikes again. It’s
    been a very competitive exciting series.

  6. 4/5 Games gone to O.T. I really hope this Series goes to Game 7.