Chicago Blackhawks vs Toronto Maple Leafs Brawl 1989-90 (NHL Classic)

NHL Online video Score: 5 / 5

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  1. LedZiphell420

    people don’t realize how dangerous it is what these guys are doing at 1:27. Shanahan did it to Corbet and Corbet busted the back of his wide open. Could probably end a rookies career if you thought about it..

  2. Lol i love how they only focus on Leeman and Savard for half the time while their are like 6 other fights going on. LOL

  3. i think we all know who won chicago blackhawks

  4. Keep an eye on Kurvers #25. That man, is what cost us Scott Niedermeyer.

  5. Thumbs up if the Score in Canada got you curious to come see this…

  6. Would of loved to seen Wendel Clark jump out of the bench.

  7. I remember watching this game! Man I miss those days and Maple Leaf Gardens!
    Another good one was in Chicago Stadium when Stu Grimson went nuts. Or the Steve Smith- Rob Pearson line brawl. Fucking Eh!

  8. This is the first youtube video I’ve seen of the Blackhawks feed of this legendary brawl after all these years.

  9. leafs won that, i think anyway

  10. BreastsInspector

    True. However, this is just a channel to show classic moments in Hockey, which unfortunately consists of fighting as well, lol.

  11. BreastsInspector

    Ironic how Leeman fought Savard considering they’d end up playing together for a different original six club all together (Montreal Canadiens).

  12. nothin better than old time hockey. wish it was still like this…*sigh*

  13. Fuck, I miss these days.

  14. chicago are pussies!

  15. chrisn1234567890

    i’ve seen better

  16. yes sir

  17. The linesman got fucking decked, what was that guy thinking haha

  18. Don’t miss Chris Durno, future NHL player, at 2:44.

  19. I totally remember this brawl. Saw it live and I used to tape brawls when I would see them on TV. Great memories…..HERE COMES MANSON!!!!

  20. Hahahaha And here comes Manson! 3:20

  21. there is more to hockey then just fighting

  22. oh man how much more awesome would this have been if wendel came off the bench, he wouldve killed somebody

  23. Ahhh, the good ‘ol Chuck Norris division

  24. coloradoavalanche19

    No they don’t you moron.

  25. are those reebok pump skates savard is wearing?