Minnesota North Stars vs Boston Bruins – Record Setting Brawl

NHL Video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Best thing is the North Stars killed these clowns in the playoffs a couple
    months later.´╗┐

  2. what a bunch a circus freaks the Bruins were then. Getting there,
    regarding cleaning up hockey as it should be played´╗┐

  3. theeminemfan001

    thx for putting this up

  4. RollerCoaster47

    Man referees back then were tough. Look at them get in there to break up
    fights right away and even fight a little with the players themselves. The
    referees nowadays are pussies compared to these guys. All they do is wait
    til the players are exhausted and escort them to the box.

  5. MrJohnnyDistortion

    The good ‘ol days.GO BRUINS!

  6. i was at this game as a kid back in Feb of 1981 and it was the best hockey
    that i have been to.My Bruins racked up 365 Minutes in pentalies.The best
    game every and to this day still holds the record

  7. And this makes a great hockey game?

  8. damn with police officer thats making even more fun.

  9. Stanley cup champs 2011 Boston Bruins…..

  10. Go Minnesota!

  11. theeminemfan001

    @RollerCoaster47 so true

  12. George Costanza

    Record number of minutes was broken Sens versus Flyers back in 2003 I