NHL 12 Live! Boston Bruins vs Minnesota Wild Game #57

NHL Movie Ranking: five / five

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  1. ReservoirDog101

    No doubt. One of the few teams I thought Parise would go. Should be interesting Oiler games now.

  2. Parise and Suter in Wild nice team ^^

  3. go wild

  4. Allen Gurevich

    Bad choice to put Rask on goal

  5. nice]


  6. ReservoirDog101

    Yeah, its MrChickenMcWrap. Don’t be offended though if I dont accept the request for a couple days. I havn’t touched a gaming system in over a week.

  7. HunterDoherty


  8. HunterDoherty

    I just got Xbox live and I was wondering if I could have your gamer tag

  9. HawksStanleyCup

    No, it’s Clutterfuck 😛

  10. kk

  11. ReservoirDog101

    I want to get one up tonight or tomorrow but i dont have the time to edit them down. I got work at a hockey game of my own tonight so im stuck right now. Its a good game though, enjoy it.

  12. videos*

  13. When are you putting more mlb video?. I just got it today bout to play it.

  14. My Sharks beat the Bruins yesterday ahahaha!!!! cool video btw. oh and to the guy below me the sens suck cock…

  15. ReservoirDog101


  16. wats your psn name ?

  17. ReservoirDog101

    Yeah probably. I think he will be a good starter after Thomas retires.

  18. Rask should become Nu.1 goalie if Thomas quits.