NHL 36: Chicago Blackhawks (Part 2)

NHL Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. Wow it seems like the equipment manager has the hardest job lol hope he
    gets paid well

  2. They should make one of Pittsburg 

  3. bh hhdhvh xc vhf dhvdbf

  4. NHLGreatestMoments

    lmfao at Phoenix celebrating. who won the cup bitch 

  5. At 10:24 I think that kid is sidekick he knew Chicago was going to win

  6. Lets go Hawks! 

  7. stop at 6:22 you’ll see a guy wearing a hood at the door after shaw went in
    the dressing room…

  8. does shaw wear visor now

  9. As a fellow jeep guy, i was more interested in Shaw’s lifted JK than
    whatever he was talking about

  10. I love it 

  11. Jeez. Shaw’s face is somehow a magnet for rubber

  12. DreamDiecastCars
  13. NHLGreatestMoments