Patrice Bergeron goal 4-4, last min of reg. May 13 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins NHL

NHL Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. To bad he’s hurt hahahah

  2. What movie is that on the video board of the guy dancing in the street

  3. KernKraft 400 (Sports Chant Remix)

  4. Does anyone have footage of the Bruins fans trying to get back in TD Garden after this goal was made?

  5. Bring the Cup back to Boston !

  6. Matteus Leite

    which the name of the song 1:08 ?

  7. have you come out yet?

  8. David Frigault

    Anything else?

  9. because people like you are why catholics want legal permission to lynch gays

  10. David Frigault

    Oh whatever you’re just a troll, nice to see though you have sensitivity issues over your sexuality or else why else would you be calling me a faggot?

  11. you’re a fucking faggot, dude

  12. David Frigault

    You’re an idiot, if you don’t want me coming back why do you send stupid comments? By the way what you say says more about yourself than the other person, just thought I’d let you know.

  13. We didn’t come here do read all of your dumb comments. We came here to watch the Bruins. Get out.

  14. He said Boston were cheaters so the username does fit him.

  15. BruinsChampions2011

    Bruin fan here. Glad to be in cup, but happy that toronto is better sports than vancouver. nice try

  16. And now they’re in the finals !!!!

  17. 11 minutes from going home down by 3 to the cup finals WHAT A SEASON

  18. David Frigault

    I read the first comments and it was quite obvious what it was about however you’ll notice that most people on Youtube for some reason will defend violence in the NHL.

  19. SlickNickisSick

    Ok why are you telling me all this? I DON’T CARE. I never said anything anything about violence in hockey and neither did the comment I replied to

  20. David Frigault

    They should consider doing what the European Hockey League does and make stiffer penalties for those who break the rules. In some European Games certain offences can mean 25 minutes while others like fighting that results in injury is going to be your first and last offence for the game because in Europe players are thrown out the moment they start assaulting and rightfully so.

    The things people do in the NHL they’d be thrown in prison if they did that on the streets.

  21. David Frigault

    I watched enough NHL games to know that referees do take sides which is why some teams get calls for everything while another team trips and hits people and there is no penalty. Maybe if the referees did their jobs people wouldn’t be insulting your team right? He is not the only one who thinks that way, many other teams especially the Habs absolutely loathed the Bruins. And surveys have proven the overwhelming majority of people do not support violence in hockey.

  22. SlickNickisSick

    Penguins. Done. Cup here we come

  23. SlickNickisSick

    Ok first off pal, his username is ULTRA DUMBASS. If that’s not asking for jokes, I don’t know what is. It would be reasonable for you to say that if his username was like PowerRanger69, because instead of him insulting himself I would be insulting him, which is not the case. And honestly, a phrase like “boston is a dirty team of cheaters” is insulting to me, so who are you to criticize me for insulting him? You can clearly see he is extremely biased, so think before you try to be a hero.

  24. Kristin Rosko

    What a bunch of piece of shit fans. Throwing towels like assholes wow

  25. David Frigault

    He has a username and you’re making fun of it. Do you really think he cares? I think if you can’t come up with a better insult then it may not be him but you who is the “ultradumbass.” since when has not liking violence in a sport determined somebody’s intelligence? Stop trying to be insulting on Youtube just because everyone else does it and trying to fit in. I doubt you’d tell it to his face in real life so why do you find it appropriate to say it online?