Scrum end of 3rd. Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals 4/16/12 NHL Hockey

NHL Movie Score: 5 / 5

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  1. ok, now youre not even making sense. if i say lucic lost a fight that means i think he sucks? did you even read what you typed? and tootoo would obviously get destroyed by lucic tootoos a terrible fighter and lucic is probably 6 inches taller than him

  2. you’re saying erskine won because you want to try to prove lucic sucks, but you’re wrong, and it was biased. and what fighters do the wings have? and don’t even mention tootoo, lucic would wreck him.

  3. and the reason erskine was out was cause he was injured

  4. do you want me to dumb my original comment down some so you can understand it?

  5. considering im a wings fan, i really couldnt give a shit about either of these teams so how am i biased?

  6. lol wut

  7. my other comment didn’t go through, hockeyfights . com has erskine winning once and the other one a draw, don’t just go by your biased opinion

  8. doesnt change the fact that he beat lucic twice

  9. plus, erskine is lucky to crack a starting line up most days lol, he sucks

  10. hockey has erskine winning once and them drawing the other time

  11. john erskine, who’s beat lucic twice

  12. and lucic has foughten lots of fighters, he only refused to fight laraque, that’s it

  13. what fighters? caps have no fighters

  14. you notice how lucic aviods fighters and goes after a guy with only 1 NHL fight?

  15. thats why erskine pounded him and he ran away from orr right?

  16. Hey, Caps game is on tonight, you watchin??

  17. well, if your team isn’t in it, sit down

  18. Alzner doesn’t need to drop them. He’s a skilled defensemen and not a thug on the ice. Enjoy the golf. No I’m not a caps fan.

  19. You heard of him now. Enoy the series loss HAHAHAHHAHAHAA!

  20. hahaha so he could beat John Erskine? thats funny

  21. God! I hate Pierre McGuire!.

  22. whiteknuckles27

    “The Bruins need him on the ice” Guess the NBC announcer was wrong huh. Goal in the next 60 seconds. Bruins win

  23. whiteknuckles27

    Milan Lucic is the toughest player in the NHL. These guys are like kids grabbing him from behind. Who is Alzner? NEVER HEARD OF HIM

  24. whiteknuckles27

    Milan could beat every player on that Capital team in a fair fight. Thought youd like to know from a Bruins fan with a New Hampshire accent. Lucic is WICKED AWESOME. He has more goals than most the team as well.

  25. 1. I mean he won’t drop it for the rest of the series, he’ll be too scared to
    2. should have been a third man in penalty
    3. i don’t have a boston accent, not everyone does in boston anyways, plus i don’t live there now. learn something about the person you are talking to next time before you make assumptions.