Scrum in 1st April 14 2013 Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues NHL Hockey

NHL Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. harleymichael83

    The Hawks messed up getting rid of Bollig. As a Blues fan I liked Bollig,
    he has the heart to fight Reaves even though he lost. The Hawks having
    Bickell fill Bollig’s role is just a bad idea. He’d do okay against smaller
    guys but stands no chance against actual enforcers.

  2. Brian Reilly

    Ah the Blues and the definition of insanity. They keep on trying the same
    thing over and over again with Chicago and they expect a different result.
    If they play again in the playoffs the result will be the same as last
    year…… With the Blues lining up to congratulate the Hawks

  3. the blues are nothing more than a bunch of dirty assholes

  4. Shaw dove.

  5. And the Oscar goes to…… Shaw!……….again………..

  6. Butthurt blues fans

  7. Chalupa Batman

    lol dive after dive

  8. Shaws been taking theatre classes

  9. Hey Panama Blues vs Hawks is epic even when they are both bad. But I need
    to remind you. Just who has won 2 cups?

  10. Hey how about them black Hawks last night? CHOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pussy Black Hawks never ever fight one on one and they take more dives that
    Greg Louganis!

  12. embellishment…

  13. Not sure I agree with matching penalties on this. He’s upset he was
    crosschecked then elbowed in the head. They gotta let that go considering
    he just confronted him nothng more.

  14. Kirk Reviews and Challenges


  15. I don’t know if this was answered already, but why are they in red if
    they’re at St. Louis?

  16. Brady Battlefield

    GO BLUES!!!!

  17. This is coming from a blues fan. THE HAWKS ARE LOADED. This hawks team is
    what good scouting turns in to. Such a Loaded roster. 4 players on the
    hawks are better than any of the blues.. well other than pertangalo maybe.
    Hosa,Sharp,Towes,Kane. You guys better win a cup with that stacked roster
    or it would be insulting.

  18. Nice two dives by Shaw, what a great hockey player!

  19. Rebecca brown

    Nice goal Go Blackhawkes! 🙂

  20. dabearsfan811

    Oh mighty fortune teller, who will win the cup?

  21. Dakotah Engel

    ill hold you to that.

  22. Blues were flat out out played, out scored and out classed today. Backes
    and Jackman type players can’t compete with skill.

  23. James Gentry

    Says the guy posting behind his computer screen

  24. Billy Neville

    1:30 “fuckin pussy”

  25. Oh believe me I think they would be happy to play the wings, they’ve sweep
    them this year, sorry but the Wings aren’t the high calipier team they were
    a couple of years ago