Shootout. Chicago Blackhawks Vs Detroit Red Wings. April 7th 2012. Patrick Kane Dangle

NHL Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. dude that was hilarious

  2. Kane beat Jimmy like a cab driver…

  3. iHateYouMostLikely

    Wow, you are truly retarded.

  4. StadinYkköset Jokerit

    corey crawford is a good save shootout :D

  5. both these players have the fastest hands and i love watching them both and seeing what move they will create next

  6. @3liteSkater just like toews, except toews has over 50% success rate

  7. @bleachroxmysox22 he was injured like for 1/4 of the year

  8. @bmwz9602 not necessarily shooting is very effective in shootouts, just look at toews, he never dangles, but he has a 50% shootout percentage

  9. I know, he’s a sniper but he can’t ever capitalize on breakaways/shootouts.

  10. As a Red Wings fan, I found that hilarious it was so unfair… I mean what could Howard do that was brutal!!

  11. stopdropandroll

    successful troll is successful?

  12. I was at this game…Such a shame, wish Todd would have pulled out his spin-o-rama!

  13. Kane is stupid good…

  14. ‘I see how it is Datsyuk, you wanna go now?” -Patty Kane

  15. I was at this game! Being a hawk fan and being in Detroit is an experience you have to do.

  16. stupidkidwithadrum

    Stamkos has 60 goals because everybody on Tampa Bay passes to him no matter what. Datsyuk has 19 because the Red Wings know how to pass. Franzen with 29 goals, Zetterberg with 22, Filppula with 23, and Hudler with 25. The Red Wings is a balanced team. So before you make a comment like that, make sure you know what your talking about.

  17. patrick kane FTW GO HAWKS!!!!

  18. 1. Datsyuk is arguably one of the best danglers ever fucking seen.
    2. Datsyuk is usually tops in takeaways, has a nasty shot that he doesn’t usually utilize, can hit (again doesn’t utilize much), and is the best two-play player in the game right now. Maybe up there with Brind’Amour and others about all-time.

  19. selannekariya

    Can Bertuzzi go any slower? sheesh. Kaner’s goal was pretty neat

  20. PuertoRicanBoi127

    To be honest as of right now he probably is.

  21. ur the kanye west of hockey dood hahaha

  22. Whoever thinks Kane is better than Datsyuk is an imbecile.

  23. what was jiri hudler trying to do? i mean i love the guy but that was jus a poor attempt

  24. I hate you asshole!!

  25. mecostacounty

    Datsyuk’s move wasn’t the same as Kane’s, and Datsyuk deked the goalie back intothe net, he just missed the shot, Howard should have stopped Kane, he just lifted his paddle up at the lats minute.