Shootout. Chicago Blackhawks Vs Minnesota Wild. April 5th 2012

NHL Movie Ranking: 5 / five

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  1. me 2

  2. iamgodsfinest

    Kane’s hands are just unreal.. i love when we play chicago, my favorite games to go to are when we play chicago, and vancouver.

  3. 3:36 K-K-Kane


  5. I was at that game; it was an amazing game and shoot-out win for them! 🙂 Go Wild!

  6. look at those AMAZING moves from kane!!!! and setoguchi, he won the game last shootout too!!!

  7. uhhhhh… no no no. They do want in, but they also want to win the stanley cup or at least get far. If we start with the predetors, there is a high chance that they wont go on to the next team.

  8. they don’t care who they play in the playoffs they just want in

  9. I think that the blackhawks lost this game on purpose, so that they wouldnt of been ahead of the red wings and play the predetors

  10. kane should have had that if he did that would have made espy top 10 plays

  11. Coming from a wild fan, Kane is so good, and I think he tried the exact same thing on Backstrom a few months back and got it… thank God Harding knew what was up! Great SO, sucks we aren’t making the playoffs again this year, go Wild!

  12. I Like How You Guys Get These Videos Out SO Fast