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May 15

Scrum in 1st April 14 2013 Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues NHL Hockey

NHL Video clip Score: four / 5

Apr 15

Chicago Blackhawks Tribute – 2013/2014 Season

NHL Movie Rating: 5 / 5

Feb 15

NHL 36: Chicago Blackhawks (Part 2)

NHL Video clip Rating: four / five

Jan 15

Winston’s NFL image shattered by sideline spat

Jameis Winston got another red flag just previous week for National Football League personnel executives to look at after his 3rd quarter meltdown as well as a heated sideline verbal talk with Jimbo Fisher, the Florida State coach, while the Seminoles were being routed out 59-20 by Oregon in Rose Bowl arena.

On Friday, Gil Brandt, the former Dallas Cowboys personnel guru and current senior analyst, told that he does not believe that it is good. But at times, in the heat of the battle, people get engaged in things that they do not do normally.

Jameis is a talented boy. But off the field, he has a long list of issues, and he is going to have a lot of questions to be answered. He is a person who could picked 1st or 2nd in the draft, or he could fall to who knows where. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings 1 January 2009

NHL Video Score: 5 / five

Dec 14

Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins | Stanley Cup Game 1 Highlights |

NHL Online video Score: 4 / 5

Oct 14

2011 – Game #7 WCQF: Chicago Blackhawks Vs Vancouver Canucks. 4/26/2011. (HD)

NHL Online video Rating: five / five

Aug 14

Chicago Blackhawks Vs St. Louis Blues. Game #5 WCQF. April 25th 2014

NHL Online video Rating: five / five

May 14

President Obama Welcomes the Chicago Blackhawks

NHL Movie Score: 5 / 5

Feb 14

Chicago Blackhawks Banner Raising Ceremony | LIVE 10-1-13

NHL Video clip Rating: 5 / five