Toronto Maple Leafs Vs Boston Bruins. January 14th 2014. (HD)

NHL Video clip Rating: five / 5

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  1. TheReverie Etrius

    Damn, one of the best games I’ve seen! 

  2. Leafs win the cup. lol

  3. mlee251252253254

    Really played with heart to kill off that game. That’s what I like to see.

  4. Midnight Shadow

    Leafs are going to win the stanley cup.

  5. Arish Divecha

    xXxCrosby87Xx always does the best nhl highlights! GO LEAFS GO

  6. Joe Bowen lost his voice from that game aha

  7. I just came here to see those last 1.5 minutes, that was like a scene out
    of a movie.


  8. mlee251252253254

    Love these highlight packages. Thanks!!

  9. Gunner and Clarkson not bad at the end