Tyler Seguin OT game winner goal. Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals 4/22/12 NHL Hockey

NHL Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. kungpaobenji27

    2nd game of a back to back that ends in overtime and Pierre has the nerve to ask one last annoying question being “take me inside your mind as to what the environment will be like at the Garden.” I’m surprised at how well Seguin answered that question opposed to muttering “eff off prick” like I would’ve.

  2. kungpaobenji27

    too many dumb questions from pierre as seguin is gasping for more air by the seconds, lol

  3. FilmandTVMaker

    me too….

  4. fuck yea i am =[

  5. FilmandTVMaker

    you must be upset… 🙂


    4-0 in Two of the games in the SC final 11’…=). they outscored vancouver 23-8 total. Everything about that series said the Bruins would win… aside from the “ranking” which means nothing in hockey.

  7. TheGoldenExplosion

    Lucky? 4-0 in a stanley cup final game against the presidents trophy winners isn’t lucky. That’s determination.

  8. nahh….a bullshit goal would be one with goalie interference…..wait…who got that one….oh yeah, the Caps in OT of game 7

  9. A guy walks into a bar and has a seat. Bartender asks “What are you having?” Guy replies “An Ovechkin!” Bartender asks “What’s an Ovechkin??”. Guy says “A White Russian, with no cup!”

  10. Boston could not goon it up like last year..No Colin Campbell to cover their cheapshots and goon tatics.
    Pure hockey skill and they suck.

  11. Dont be racist

  12. BRUINS

  13. i know booooooo

  14. Oh well…. I hate the phrase…the Canuck Legion are practiced at saying: “There is always next year”. Now it applies to the B’s.
    At least we will get a boat-load for Louongo….who will probably do amazing things in a US mkt which doesn’t have a microscope examining every fart he makes. But it will cost that team more than the pound of flesh paid for your G-7 tic. There will be a dear price paid indeed! See ya next year B’s fan 😉

  15. aaahahhaha STFU

  16. Did the bruins really lose last night 🙁

  17. haha capitals not this year either

  18. @tw807278 Haha kicked your ass at home!!!!!!!

  19. This is sooo awesome, watching this video of them beating us knowing we won the series xD. Where are all the racists, the guys who were counting the Caps out in the first 5 games, or anyone who thought the Pens would actually go far? Time to have some fun 🙂

  20. Nahh… they tried and failed in our last game. Boston was given a power play on a very minor call towards the end of regulation. However, my Caps still won 🙂

  21. MrJackShrredder

    I guess Bawston can only win when the refs are bought off.

  22. BreastsInspector

    About time those worthless, untalented, overrated, mentally unstable, violently intent, Gary & Brendan match fixing, fluke artists (Bruins) are out of the Playoffs. =)

  23. you are the definition of a troll. ahahahahahahahahaha fail

  24. I’m so pist this is bull